We're building a small, focused digital writing and publishing tool that you can host yourself. Today, you can see what will eventually be open source on Write.as.


This product doesn't exist in its open-source form yet. Today it's a hosted platform (with some open source components and clients) serving thousands of blogs on Write.as. Still, you can star our GitHub repository now and get updates there as we start building it.

Nothing presented here is final, including the name, roadmap, and features of the product — but you can get a pretty good idea of what will come based on our goals below and the product that already exists as a hosted solution today.


These are our product goals unique to the open source version of Write.as, and stand in addition to the simple, pared-down platform we've already built.



We'd love to have your help building this platform in the open. If you're interested, get in touch or just keep up with us on Slack.


Will be released under (A)GPL.